Attention as a Moral Act: Iain McGilchrist in Conversations on Remaking the World

A profound meditation on life’s deepest questions, Iain McGilchrist’s The Matter with Things, has far-reaching implications for our understanding of reality, our view of ourselves, and the deep stories on which our civilisation rests.

In this free event series, Perspectiva brings Dr. McGilchrist into dialogue with a range of inspired thinkers to probe further into the key ideas and their significance to this historical moment.

Join us for this exclusive online event series taking place in the Spring of 2023.


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What is Perspectiva?

Perspectiva is a community of expert generalists working on an urgent one hundred year project to improve the relationships between systems, souls and society in theory and practice.

We are scholars, artists, activists, futurists and seekers who believe credible hope for the first truly planetary civilisation lies in forms of economic restraint and political cooperation that are beyond prevailing epistemic capacities and spiritual sensibilities.

Our charitable purpose is therefore to develop an applied philosophy of education for individual and collective realisation in the service of averting societal collapse; and in the spirit of serious play and ambitious humility to cultivate the imaginative and emotional capacity required to usher in a world that is, at the very least, technologically wise and ecologically sound.

We believe the world’s major challenges stem from a crisis of perception and imagination, and the failure of political culture to honour the fullness of reality. We are fascinated by the myriad ways in which our tacitly held worldviews shape our judgement, and how spiritual needs for security, meaning and purpose indirectly create political and economic outcomes.

Latest News

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> We recently wrapped up the Emerge Gathering in Berlin

> We’re excited to announce Iain McGilchrist’s new book, The Matter with Things, will be published with Perspectiva Press this year!

> The Antidebate has launched! Find out more via this talk recorded at the Realisation Festival. We’re looking for volunteer antidebaters – more to follow.

> We just published 5 books via Perspectiva Press.