The Realisation Festival

The Realisation Festival is about giving time and space to the soul for the benefit of society.

The Realisation Festival is a gathering of thinkers and artists, pioneers and practitioners, performers and dreamers; hosted by the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury in collaboration with Perspectiva.

We aim to attract those who might describe themselves as, for instance, dejected intellectuals, exhausted activists, aspiring hopefuls, lost seekers, open-minded cynics, overwhelmed romantics, burnt out travellers, deeply confused thinkers, fellow sufferers, ambitiously humble, confidently uncertain, wounded jesters, lonely warriors, recovering achievers, and curious sailors.

  • Beauty
  • Imagination
  • Calling

The point is to tussle with what the big questions of our times are asking of us, but not just in the sense of what we do and don’t know, or what can and can’t be done.

More radically, the aim is to explore how we can participate in a process that’s about hearts and heads, fears and vision, asking afresh who we are as human beings. 

Tickets on sale now: