Drawing attention to the nature and meaning of emergence is about highlighting the possibility of a different intentional stance towards the world, grounded in receptivity, intuition and subtlety rather than ideology, reason and force.

Some call it a spiritual perspective, in the sense that it’s less about imposing our wills than listening deeply to what we appear to be called upon to be and do; our own cosmic dance of being of becoming. The challenge is to accept the miracle of our contingency and interdependence while also taking responsibility for our uniqueness and autonomy. It is a different kind of game.


Emerge is an independent, non-profit media platform highlighting the initiatives, individuals and ways of thinking that are sowing the seeds of a new civilisation.

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The Politics of Waking Up

Indra Adnan, co-initiator of political platform The Alternative UK, explores in The Politics of Waking Up how a new concept of the human being is the starting point for a new politics and how unlocking complex humans within complex systems is already re-making both place-based and virtual communities. These platforms are increasingly becoming the spaces for the kinds of cosmolocal collaboration the planet urgently needs to continue supporting the human race.

Indra’s book of the same title is published by Perspectiva Press. Some of the writings her book is based on can be found on Emerge.