The Politics of Waking Up: Power and possibility in the fractal age

by Indra Adnan

Everyone thinks they know what it means to be ‘woke’ – whether they’re declaring it or attacking it. But writer, political entrepreneur and psychosocial therapist Indra Adnan has written a comprehensive and necessary account of ‘waking up’ – to the realities of climate crisis, social breakdown and personal agency – implicating us all. In the internet era, no-one escapes the global revolution of learning, connecting and mobilising.

Our times demand political responses that the current politics – led by squabbling parties and their exhausted ideologies – cannot provide. How do we put the full spectrum of a consciously awakening humanity at the heart of society, economy and politics? As social bonds fray and the planet burns, a politics of ‘waking up’ is more urgently required than ever. Informed by decades of public advocacy, transformative work with both local and global communities, and Indra’s lifelong commitment to inner transformation, The Politics of Waking Up lays out practical, beautiful and urgent ways to redesign politics for an era of people power.

Drawing on her role as co-initiator of The Alternative UK, Indra shares a compelling vision of a fractal politics alive to new and practical patterns of behaviour and social prototypes. The Politics of Waking Up presents a coherent and radical alternative to our current socio-political turbulence. One that is there for the taking.

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‘The Politics of Waking Up is not just brilliant and disarming, it’s genuinely different. Instead of merely affirming hope, Indra Adnan provides it. She breaks genuinely new ground by sharing the living, embodied process of a new post-patriarchal political paradigm, the radical soft power of coming together humanly, to take care of our shared cosmolocal lives and future’

– Terry Patten, author and founder of A New Republic of the Heart and co-author of Integral Life Practice


‘An astonishing and deeply moving political vision – with just the right daring dance between mind, soul and body. I was blown away after reading this book. You will be too’

– Uffe Elbaek, founder of Kaos Pilots International School of Business Design and Social Innovation and co-founder of Alternativet and Independent Greens (Frie Grønne) political parties, Denmark

Indra Adnan is co-initiator of The Alternative UK political platform which publishes The Daily Alternative, convenes new system actors and builds cosmolocal community agency networks (CANs).

Indra is concurrently a psychosocial therapist, journalist and author. Through her work on international relations and soft power she has consulted to the World Economic Forum, Indian and Danish governments, NATO, the Scottish Executive and the Institute of Contemporary Arts amongst others.