If education is not the answer, you’re asking the wrong question.

Realisation is Perspectiva’s working translation and interpretation of the Germanic term Bildung. The direct translation is ‘formation’ but the original includes elements of education, enculturation and perhaps most profoundly realisation – in the sense of fulfilling one’s true nature of purpose.

Realisation can be thought of as a combination of societal vision, educational philosophy and policy agenda. The active ingredient we seek to work with is not so much about what we know, but how we know; a mixture of perception, emotion, thinking, meaning-making and embodied skill that we see as being generative of the formation of society.

The Transformative Education Alliance

The Transformative Education Alliance, TEA, aims to devise new methodologies and institutional niches which recognise that the significance of the distinction between formal, informal, and tacit education has almost completely broken down. 

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The Digital Ego project

What does it mean to grow and flourish, together, in a digital age?

The Digital Ego project seeks to speak at a systematic level to technology’s mediation of modern life, asking what narratives and frames can connect personal experience to the global picture; can find virtue in the virtual realm; and can place a properly understood sense of self and soul at the heart of our mediated lives.

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The Realisation Festival

The Realisation Festival is a gathering of thinkers and artists, pioneers and practitioners, performers and dreamers; hosted by the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury in collaboration with Perspectiva.

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Entangled Activism

Campaigning… protesting… activism… trying to make a difference. Whatever we call it, when we set out to change the world, we often forget that we are part of the world.

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