The Inner Compass, with Tomas Björkman & Rebel Wisdom

Tomas Bjorkman
Jan 18th, 2021

In the middle of the 19th century, the Nordic Countries were some of the poorest in Europe, with the lowest quality of life.

By the end of the century they were some of the wealthiest and best places to live in the world. Why and how? According to philosopher and social entrepreneur Tomas Björkman, the reason is that they paid attention to inner development, more than outer growth, in a huge cultural project of personal growth. He argues that the pace of change that we are going through now requires a similar focus on the techniques of development. Read more about The Nordic Secret here and its primary author Lene Rachel Andersen.

Tomas Bjorkman is Co-founder of Perspectiva. You can find out more about Tomas’ work via his website. Reposted with permission from the Rebel Wisdom channel, with thanks.