The World We Create: From God to Market, by Tomas Bjorkman

We are living in an unsustainable state of cultural tension. Stress and depression are becoming more common, we are destroying our environment and while the rich become richer, inequality has spread both domestically and globally. The world’s entire democratic system is strained and the only ‘meaningful’ story left is our role as consumers. We flee to and are trapped by the gilded illusion of happiness that is dictated to us by consumerism.

In The World We Create, Tomas Björkman takes readers on a journey through history, economics, sociology, developmental psychology and philosophy, to illuminate where we have come from and how we have reached this breaking point. He offers new perspectives on the world we have created and suggests how we can achieve a more meaningful, sustainable world in the future.

The World We Create is now also available in German as Die Welt, die wir erschaffen.

You can listen to and watch a video series in 15 parts (1 hour each) based on the book here.

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Tomas Björkman is co-founder and chairman of Perspectiva and an applied philosopher and social entrepreneur with a great interest in science and philosophy.

He has founded several companies and organisations, including Investment Banking Partners AB and has also been chairman of EFG Investmentbank AB. He founded the Ekskäret Foundation, with the purpose of stimulating sustainable development of individuals, organisations and society.

He’s also the author of several books, including The World We CreateThe Market Myth and co-author of The Nordic Secret and the initiator of the Emerge network and media channel.