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At Perspectiva we aspire to enhance our collective perception of life’s possibilities and find ways to protect and revitalise our shared and only home.



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February Events

Each month we hold a series of themed events, combining talks, discussion and praxis. This February our theme is Music, Metacrisis & Metanoia.

Wednesday, 14th February: ‘Music, Metacrisis and Metanoia’ with Michael Bready

On the 14th February at 4pm UK time (5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PST), Michael Bready, Perspectiva’s Associate Director of Community, will lead an online workshop exploring music’s capacity to enlighten, ensoul and enchant by engaging with music as metaphor, as spiritual practice, and as realisation.


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Wednesday, 28th February: ‘Jazz and Blues as Home Grown Wisdom Traditions’ with Greg Thomas

On 28th Febrary at 4pm UK time (5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PST), Greg Thomas will join Michael and Jonathan Rowson for a conversation to explore the potential and possibility of music’s social and cultural impact by exploring the African-American musical heritage. Greg Thomas, CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project, is a writer, teacher and entrepreneur as well as host of the Omni-American Podcast.


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Monday, 4th March: ‘Zen, Music and Life’ with Brother Phap Linh. On 4th March at 4pm UK time (5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PST), Br. Phap Linh will join Michael the conversation to explore the power of music to enhance and support spiritual practice. Before becoming a monk, Br. Phap Linh studied mathematics at Cambridge and worked as a professional Cellist and Composer. He is now a senior Dharma teacher in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Zen lineage and continues to compose music.


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Regular Events


In addition to our themed event series, we also hold recurring events each month: Leading from Confusion, Culture Club, and Antidebate.


Leading from Confusion

Confusion is often considered a bad thing. The literal meaning is something like “with (discomforting) togetherness” and conveys the idea of too many things mingling that we feel ought to be separate. 

And while it’s true that generalised confusion can lead to a kind of learned helplessness, clarity about what we’re confused about can be very helpful. It’s the wellspring of the best inquiries and where deep learning begins. 

Perspectiva founder and CEO, Jonathan Rowson, will host fortnightly sessions called ‘Leading from Confusion’ which will begin with Jonathan or a guest sharing what they are currently confused about and seeking to build a conversation with the community from there.


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The Antidebate is an attempt to realise a better kind of civic discourse. While much public debate is characterised by point scoring and mudslinging, the antidebate seeks a spirit of inquiry that is both collaborative and competitive. It values humility and curiosity and sees disagreement and paradox as the fertile ground for new truths and ideas to emerge. 

The touchstone of successful antidebating does not lie in being perceived to be more convincing than your opponent, but striving for an embodied experience of ‘being-in-truth’.

Each month Perspectiva hosts an online antidebate, where participants engage in a process to choose the topic of conversation and enter into exploratory dialogue.


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Culture Club

In a world awash with ‘content’, often consumed within solo vacuums, what’s needed is simple, focused curation and a space to discuss with others what really matters about what we’ve just taken in.

Our Culture Club is a salon-style group in which we’ll choose a single, meaningful ‘cultural artifact’ – book, film, podcast, poetry, tv series, album, and beyond – for discussion each month. Gently facilitated, with enough room for unexpected pathways into the texts and back out again into the world, as well as a held space for intimate conversations about the full experience and meaning of what we’ve collectively read, listened to, and watched.


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